Producers want to see/hear tape of me before they’ll book me, but I don’t have any.

After your half- or full-day session with Chroma, we will provide you with a high definition video of, and private link to your best interview with us. It will be the right length and format to send to producers, and will highlight your strengths.

I’m nervous to talk to the media.

Nerves are natural; they just need to be harnessed to ensure that you perform at your best.

Chroma will leave you fully prepared to nail your interviews and fully informed about anything technical you might need to know.

You’ll have both the hard skills and the well-earned confidence to overcome any nerves.

I’m not sure I need a media trainer at all.

You absolutely do. Sure, you could make your way through without one, but not hiring a media trainer is an epic missed opportunity—professionally, personally, and possibly financially.

Media appearances and interviews are a huge investment in your brand and your message. You owe it to yourself and your work to make sure you can nimbly and winningly handle any question that comes your way.

My topic is kind of highbrow/technical and I don’t know how to talk about it in layman’s terms without seeming hoity or dumbing it down.

There’s a way to speak conversationally without diluting your message.

We’ll teach you how to frame your points so they’re both relatable and smart.

See our blog post on this subject.

My look may not be, shall we say, camera ready.

Having character is good. Presenting beautifully in an interview isn’t about seeming Photoshopped.

We’ll advise you on styling so you look like yourself on an extraordinary hair/clothing/make-up day.

People tell me I ramble.

We’ll suss out whether that’s the case or not.

Either way, we’ll have you ready to make your point powerfully and succinctly.

The way I sound isn’t doing me any favors.

According to a study by Quantified Impressions, your voice is twice as important as the words you choose. It may not be fair, but if your voice is weak, raspy, child-like, shrill, or nasal, your likeability diminishes and your message is much more likely to be dismissed.

This is very fixable.

We’ll work with you to achieve your maximum resonance and vocal power so that people are drawn to what you’re saying. We’ll also train you to omit filler words such as “you know,” speak at a natural pace, and choose inflections that drive your point home. Sounding strong and at ease, your voice will be an asset, not a liability or a distraction.

Read our blog article about this.

I don’t want to seem too scripted.

We don’t want you to either, and we’ll make sure you don’t.

For audiences and reporters alike, nothing is less convincing than hearing someone who sounds like he or she is reading lines.

We’ll teach you to make your points stick while coming across as you on your best day.

When an interviewer disagrees with me, I’m not sure how I can respond without seeming either obstinate or cowed.

In most cases, you’ve been asked to do an interview because the reporter or host finds what you’re saying valuable.

In bookings where the conversation will be more like a debate, we’ll work with you to bring out your most cogent arguments while maintaining your authority, equanimity, and sense of humor.

I feel pretty confident, but I want to make sure I completely nail it in the few minutes I’ll get to talk during an interview.

At Chroma, we’ll use our editors’ minds and our producers’ expertise to show you how to get to the core of your point skillfully and without hesitation.

Our training gives you dexterity and punch to make your message land in the short time you have on air or with a reporter.