Why Chroma

You wouldn’t take skydiving lessons from someone who’s never parachuted out of an airplane.

At Chroma, you will train with our principal,
Lauren Daisley, who has over a decade of experience as an interviewer and interviewee at the national level. Daisley knows first hand how to professionally and personably make a point that sears through the media clutter – and sticks.

Extensive work in radio, TV, and print paired with careful study of the industry makes her the ideal media trainer to give you the technique necessary to achieve your messaging goals and come across beautifully in every medium.

Lauren Daisley always brings all her cards to the table: creativity, professionalism, and a drive to provide her clients with an exceptional level of service. Once clients have had the experience of working with Chroma they’ll certainly come back for more.”

Kristin Clifford
Partner, Finn Partners

I can’t recommend Chroma highly enough. Lauren Daisley worked for me for two of my books, and—on top of the many ways she was able to help me promote them—I think she cared about my success as much, or maybe more, than I did.”

Bill Lane
Speechwriter for Jack Welch for twenty years, and author of Jacked Up and Losing It. Several appearances on Fox Business, MSNBC London, CNBC, and numerous network TV and radio shows